News of the Day for October 1, 2016

We have been getting real busy in the last few weeks but we are still on track. Most of the orders are shipping on Monday and any other ones will be shipping this week.

We are taking down our Tennesse id for a bit till we fix the printer set up that prints those, we found an issue and it’s being taken care  of . If you ordered Tennesse in the last few days and don’t want to wait email us and let us know what you want to change it to. We will post an update here when our set up is back up and running properly.

We are sold out of the following holograms for hologram orders MD,SC and DE . We are sold out of PA pre made pvc cards. MD holograms and PA pre made cards will be coming in this week , due to Holidays in Asia the other 2 things will take another week .

We are still looking for workers and Resellers contact us if your interested in making money .

We are still trading real ids for Novelty ones if anyone has some to trade in.

We are in the works to add some new States soon and also School ids are coming back for sale on our site in the coming week.

check out our specials for this week and always check in for new products, news and specials . We will keep you updated on anything new with us.

Always remember do not do anything illegal with our products they are for Entertainment use only and you can get into a lot of trouble if you do. for specials