news for October 13, 2016

We have DE and SC holograms back in stock. so now all our Holograms are fully stocked.

Every order that we have all your info and such that were ordered before Oct 10 will be shipped this weekend. if your info is not in it will not go out this week.

We will be adding new states very soon, will also be adding School ids like we use to have a few years back.

We are fixing up some of our templates, NJ vol 2 will be out soon. Another reminder that Tn is a state you have to back date so your age will be more then 21 .

We are still looking for Real ids for trade and We are still looking for re-sellers , we take really good care of our re-sellers .

So please do not send us a ton of emails asking questions about shipping as we have alot of work to do that next few days and everyone will get a tracking number when your order ships.

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