News for November 8, 2016

The last month we had a lot of issues with us trying to do orders and fix templates and add new states. We have fixed the issues we had and all orders that were effected by that are all shipped. We have given free ids out, changed ids and done a lot of stuff to our customers for the issues. Again we are sorry and will work harder so it never happens again.

A few people have had issues with the tracking number snot tracking, they are the right tracking numbers please be patient as it gets this way, this time of year before the holidays . We do not control the post office and how fast or slow it goes. Once we give you a tracking number the parcel has been shipped and that’s all we can control.

We will be adding some school ids and a new state in the coming weeks once we have time , as we had to put them aside while we caught up with the issues we had.

If you have not heard from us for over a week please email us again as you might of gotten lost in all of this and we don’t want to forget anyone .