News for December 27 , 2016

Guys first off let us thank all our wonderful customers for another great year. We hope you all had a safe and happy Holiday season .

Right now everything is slower because of the holiday shipping being slow, we cant control that or do anything about it. Also some of our workers are off for a few holidays so work is a bit slower to.

Right now we are out of Pa raised so any PA orders will be normal and not raised unless you want to wait a few weeks for that to be back in stock. If we do not get any emails from you saying to wait then it will go out as normal.

We will be bringing in new stuff this coming year and also will be using a new system so each customer can see the status of their order and this way will stop any scamming from third parties.

All the orders in the cs scam have been found and most have shipped already.

So have a great New years and please don’t drink and drive .