News for April 30, 2017

This month was a busy month so we are sorry if anything was slower then usual. We upgraded our printers and had our computers cleaned up. We updated this site and added some new ids and made the new Cheap id section for $65 an id .

We are working on a few new states at the moment so please check in and see what we add in the coming months . We will continue to bring you new products .

Check out our Re-seller program as it’s one of the best on the market. We don’t make you pay to be in it like other Dealers do.

We fired our old Photo shop designers and hired better ones , so we should be a lot better with not to many mistakes going forward. We also hired more people in other departments.

We were told that this site was not mobile friendly so we are working on that issue now and we are sorry as no one has told us that before . so this week it should be Mobile friendly for all.


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