Dec 31, 2017

Happy New Year to everyone. Please be safe and don’t Drink and drive.
2018 should be a great year, see you all then.

News for Dec 11, 2017


Every order we have has been printed and is waiting to be packed and shipped today, tomorrow and Wednesday. So if you are waiting on an order email us your tracking number to make things go faster.

Holiday Season 

We are in the holiday season so the post office will be slower then usual, keep that in mind before sending us tons of emails of why hasn’t it come yet.

New States

We just brought out New illinois and Dec and Jan we will be bringing more to our site. Right now the new ones will be OR , GA, MO . We are working on others as well but those 3 mentioned are ready to launch.

Remember to have a safe Holiday season and don’t do anything stupid . As always please don’t use our ids to break any Laws even small ones.


News for Dec 7 , 2017

We have fixed the order form bug so it works now.

We will be mia this weekend so emails will be slower then usual, but will all be answered. For those asking about orders being shipped, most will be shipped Monday.

We are working on some new states,You will like the new stuff coming . Eta for the new stuff is,1 new state coming this month then 2 early January.

News For Nov 24 , 2017

The new site has launch if you find any bugs please let us know, so we can fix them.

We have now added Litecoin coin to the payments we now accept.

Starting Dec 1 we will be honoring the Free Vouchers that were given to people in Aug for the late promo. To take advantage of it you fill out the order forum and in the comments put Free voucher , your order number from that promo and how many people the order was.

We hope the new site makes ordering easy now and that we will continue to improve it. We are now in our 7th year and we like to Thank everyone we have ever worked with.

We will be adding new states in the next couple of months and some new supplies.