News for June 17 , 2018

We have a big Relief promo going on .

News for June 12, 2018

All Back orders have been sent out, all re-prints have been shipped out also. We are back to normal and have been for about a month or so now.

We will be dropping a Promo this week so be on the look out for it on here or on our Youtube channel .

New states coming soon….

We are still looking for a real ids  Maine, new PA, new NC, Michigan . We will trade you a ton of ids for it. If you got any of the ones mentioned and want to trade it in email us.

All our ids have taken a price drop so we can help you all out more.

#Fake ids # Fake id # Best Fakes # Scannable Fakes 

News for May 20, 2018

We are looking for a real ME and a Real New PA , if you got one and want to trade it in for a bunch of ids email us. First one gets the deal.

News for May 13, 2018

We will be updating the list on Tuesday night like always, we have no back orders left. Everything is now in the window of normal shipping. 

We will be dropping a cheap Promo soon so stay tuned for that .

For all the old Reddit fake id members the new place is go check them out, its run by old reddit community members. 

We will be adding a new states as part of the Promo. 


News for May 10 , 2018

Nj,CT,Fl,PA Holograms are back in Stock. 



News for May 7, 2018

We are still waiting on info from a few people and 1 order that the address you gave us refused the order. It has been marked on the info page for months so get a hold of us so we can fix your problem.

Weds we will update the info page so look out for that wed night. We have been sending out orders daily and sent out a bunch of redo orders today. I think there is only about 3 redo orders left to ship.

We got an email on the weekend about a new reddit fakes coming soon. 

A promo is coming ….. so stay tuned with a new state.

News for May 6, 2018

We no longer take Wu as a payment option and it has been taken out of the form payment section.

News for April 30 , 2018

We are on time with deliveries, we are not backed up anymore. We will update the order page tomorrow night.

If you have a lost or missing or messed up order , email the Reprints dept and they will take care of you.

To our supply customers we are sold out of CT and FL Holograms for about a week.  We just added ME ovi sheets $25 each and added 14 mil Teslin sheets for $1.5 each.

We will be adding new states soon so make sure to watch out specials page and our Youtube channel to see our new promo coming soon.

News For April 10, 2018

The info page has been updated, Sent to Shipper on 4/10 means it was picked up today by the shipper but tracking numbers have not yet been given to us. 

All the redo’s and reprints will be shipped this week as that was the goal that was posted to our news feed last week. We have gotten back to about normal now and don’t have anything back logged unless your part of the redo’s.

thanks guys and again sorry about the back orders and late orders.

News for April 9 , 2018

We update our info page on Tuesdays once we get back all the shipping info from Mondays. So please take a look at the info page on Tuesday and you will see what shipped.