News For April 10, 2018

The info page has been updated, Sent to Shipper on 4/10 means it was picked up today by the shipper but tracking numbers have not yet been given to us. 

All the redo’s and reprints will be shipped this week as that was the goal that was posted to our news feed last week. We have gotten back to about normal now and don’t have anything back logged unless your part of the redo’s.

thanks guys and again sorry about the back orders and late orders.

News for April 9 , 2018

We update our info page on Tuesdays once we get back all the shipping info from Mondays. So please take a look at the info page on Tuesday and you will see what shipped.

News for April 4 , 2018

The plan is to have all orders up to IDM 153 shipped this Monday and then all orders up to idm 168 and all the lost and redo orders shipped by the following Monday. As you can see that in this week since we got the new scanner and equipment we shipped a lot of orders like we said we would and are continuing to ship orders daily till we reach both goals set above.

News for March 29, 2018

Last night we got the new scanner and equipment and it fixed the issues we were having. So no excuses now everything that was to be sent out this last 2 weeks will be out by the end of this long weekend we have here. The issues have been fixed.

News for March 26, 1018

I have good news I think we found the issue that was holding most orders back with the oh and md scanning issues. We ordered a new scanner that should be here tomorrow or weds at we paid for express. It seems that the scanner was faulty and was screwing up the barcode reads. With that being said that means all the orders we held back that had oh and Md and Sc ids in them can go out once the new scanner is here. We will also be able to fix the bad ones that went out to the few people who messaged us.


We shopped most of the orders that had none of the problem ids in them. All the super rushes also shipped today so look out for those in your mail tomorrow.

Now if you contacted us about a lost or redo and we said to wait till today to email us you now can. Send all emails for lost or redo’s to the redo email account. You will not get any help emailing any other email account but the redo one. When you send us an email tell use your order number what the problem is and the names that are in your order. Sending us a vague email like my id is lost or it has a problem will be ignored. So take a minute and send us a proper email. We don’t have time to talk with you for 10 emails just to get the info we needed and could of got in email 1.

Thanks to all

News for March 25, 2018

It was brought to our attention that I guess when we upgraded our mail server a month and a half ago something happened and emails from the reprint email address didn’t come to us. It is now fixed, so if you sent us an email there and never heard back please email it back again. That email address was and is

News For March 23, 2018

After this weekend we will be back to normal and not back ordered anymore. Send us a message on Monday night asking for tracking for any of the back ordered orders that show shipped on the info page which will be updated Monday.


Any lost orders or orders which need to be re-done please email us on Monday with an email to and in the email tell us the name the order is under and what the issue is. We will not be doing any redo’s or re prints till Monday, as we need this weekend to finally get caught up.

All super rushes will be shipping this weekend also. Email us Monday night for the tracking for those.

Thanks guys, we are sorry for everything and glad to most of you guys that understood that we had issues and things happen.

News for March 20, 2018

I see we are being called names and bashed on other sites now.

Asshole, Bitch, pompose wow guys. Thats a bit harsh since I’m one of the nicest guys around. The only time I give attitude is when I get attitude from someone or people can’t follow simple things. Let me address some of these things I see on here and set the record straight since it seems all people want to do is bash people.

Is there a wait time? Of course I havent said otherwise , or hid the fact or anything to that reguard. Havent went silent either I have made many post in our news section. Did we know that the sub would be deleted and cause alot of behind the scenes shit storms and missing people? Nope . Did we know that Ted would be busted and then people would all go mia, workers, photoshop guys, transgen guys, suppliers etc? Nope . So how can we so call plan for things like this that happened. We lost a shit ton of connections, money etc over all these issues. We didnt go hide or exit scam like most of the others, we kept on going and plugging the holes as we go along. And all of this has been posted in our news feeds many times . You guys have no clue how those 2 things effected the backend of this industry. People exited, people scammed, people got scared and ran etc.

Now this we don’t answer emails. That has been a thing on our site for over 6 years, we didnt just come up with it and it was also there for all of you guys to read. We can’t sit on the computer all day and answer are we there yet emails all day long from the same 10 people. If that was something you didn’t like then why did you order from us when that was the policy from day 1.

Anyway it’s funny that we are getting shit when most of these problems are not even on us, misssing shipping info, missing pictures , incomplete order forms and yet it’s our problem that people can’t read or follow pretty basic instructions. When we get to an order missing something we go on to the next and come back to it later, we dont have time to sit and wait .

So here is my 1 and only post on here , hopefully people can stop thinking the worse and open your eyes and see whats really going on. We have been in business for over 6 years we are not going to exit scam or not do what we have to do. We have always done well, I see people love to forget how we helped every members of the old sub whenever there was an exit scam, it was us and all we get is shit on. Glad I don’t come on here , life is better without all the shitting on and people whining like this is walmart. Wish it was guys, wish the sub didn’t get banned, or ted didn’t get busted and everyone who left was still here and didn’t just leave. Most orders we paid to get made 2-3 times because of people leaving so again look at the whole picture before you come on here and all me an asshole. or anything else as I wouldn’t call you guys that and some of you guys with the attitudes in emails deserve being called worse.

News for March 18, 2017

Ohio is put on hold for a bit, we found an issue on our printer. So if you have ohio in your order you might be a few days behind as we try to fix the issue. If we cant fix the issue we will be taking Ohio out of our product line.

News for March 17, 2018

We shipped out a bunch so far this weekend and a bunch more will ship Tuesday, we are gaining ground to be back to normal in about a week.

Any missing Promos or redo’s we will address in 10 days so no emails about that until March 26 please so we can get back to normal before dealing with any redo’s.

Each id we scan in our actual scanner, then we use bcs on our phones and then pdf417 online and they all scan. So if your not getting scans on anything thing we just mentioned your doing something wrong. If you have any issues take a picture of your barcode and email it and we will show you it scanning green which means good.

Once we are back to normal in a week we will be putting put a promo on our youtube page

If the order info page on our site says Working then we wont have any different info then its in working mode. So please stop with the emails asking when you can clearly check yourself. We need all the time to get orders done and shipped. We have been doing real well the last few weeks so please give us the time to finish the rest.