Feb 20, 2018

We get emails about how to improve templates on some states, I want you all to know we are aware of the few flaws here and there. We will not be fixing those as we are a Novelty id, not here to help you break laws or fraud or identity theft. We make sure that each id has some flaws to a real one because we are not helping people break laws. So we don’t need these emails about how to fix them or want to buy ones that are fixed as again we are not here to help or aid in Laws being broken. I hope you all understand what we are saying here so please don’t use our product to break any laws.

Feb 18, 2018

Guys you need to pay more attention when filling out the forms to order, we keep getting people putting in the wrong email address then it never gets to you . Also in the shipping line put the name and full shipping address, not just street name and leave the rest blank.
These issues have been happening a lot then people give us shit for why orders take longer or payment info never gets emailed etc.
Also when you make payments you have to email us back with the proper info we state in the payment email.

Feb 17, 2018

Guys emails will be slow this whole weekend due to more then half my staff is sick with the flu outbreak we have here and then Monday is a Holiday here in this country. So normal business will return on Tuesday we will also update all the order info pages then to. Sorry guys but i didn’t plan on a flu outbreak here .

Feb 13, 2018

I would like to take a minute to address a few things.

  1. Most orders have shipped we just haven’t updated the site info page because the people that take care of that and shipping are sick so we haven’t seen them in a few days or talked much other then real important talks.
  2. Because of them being sick we dont have all the tracking numbers that have been sent out since Friday, I assure you they shipped i just don’t have the tracking info in hand because of them being sick. Nothing has changed just a bit slow on their end for a few more days till they are done being sick.

Feb 10 , 2018

We are looking for the following physicals aka real ids of



New Arizona


New Rhode Island

If you have any we will trade you a 20 person id group for 1 mentioned above.

Feb 9, 2018

Normally we wouldn’t care but we would like to comment on a post made by a user out there called pinkdelysid. If your going to make a post about us at least tell the truth about it , i have all our emails and can prove every word I’m going to say here as a rebutal to your post, like I said don’t mind you posting but don’t lie about us.

Your claim is it took 3 weeks for your id to come?

No it didn’t , it took 11 business days to get to you. You put your new pics and info on Sat the 13th and you got it Mon the 29th. (I can back up theses claims)   You put in 2 forms because you changed things, and then also screwed up your height we had to fix last minute and it still got to you in 11 business days.

You paid $100 ?

No you didn’t the ids were free you emailed us saying you were a hot girl and wanted to trade a sexy picture for the site for free ids. You lied but we won’t get into that , just wanted to clear it up you got free ids and 5 copies because we were nice.You couldn’t wait after all your mind changing so you paid us to overnight them that’s what you paid for.

They are flimsy! lol

Or is one of the thinnest ids out there so I won’t even comment more on that as it’s just funny.

The so called shade of blue you speak of is the same one that’s pictured on our site so if it was so bad why did you pick that state?

You claiming our emails were bad and I was mad

Again i can post them if you like and show that’s not the case. If we were mad would I have let you keep changing your mind, then fix the height issue you screwed last minute and you thanks me, then been nice and sent you 5 copies instead of 2.

Scans with pdf417 but says fake on bcs

so does my real id so not getting your point. You keep talking out your ass on this one, you posted on the old forums it didn’t scan then say it scans on pdf417 so it does scan lol.

Bad picture

of course it is, your picture was bad and that was the second one you sent in, so that’s on you . Again it’s a vol 1 that came out 4 weeks ago and you saw pictures of it and still picked it and now your crying to me , when all you had to do was email me and I would of helped you out. Your a dram queen you can tell by your posts and by the emails you sent us and how your just posted a 360 of what really happened. Here to those who want to see it beside a real or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3sOObxxx54


Anyway that’s all folks, as I said we usually don’t care but we will not allow anyone to lie about stuff that isn’t true. Not liking your buy is fine but don’t lie about it.


You final thing is it says its a super thin id on our website right beside the picture that shows how it looks and the shade of blue and yet you still picked that state.



Feb 7 , 2018


The info page has been updated , all the rest will be shipping this week unless it says waiting on info from you. Please don’t email me asking for tracking , Promos don’t have tracking info available.

Everything is running fine and all stuff is getting shipped. Emails have been slower then usual the last 48 hours that is because I’m busy putting out orders and don’t have time to answer 100 or more emails on the same old stuff like status or tracking when both are answered on our website. I will get back to all emails tomorrow as tonight I’m going to work on getting more orders ready to ship.

Thanks guys and have a great night.

#T3Am P00


Feb 6 , 2018

Guys do not panic I just updated the info page just from my list, I will update my partners list tomorrow. Most of the Promo orders have already shipped just not been updated because my partner did them and hasn’t given me his list yet.  the rest of the orders will ship in the next few days.

Remember to subscribe to our Youtube channel idmasters.tv so you can see when our next promo drops.

Feb 4 , 2018

Promo shipping :

Most of the promo’s have shipped and the rest will be shipped tomorrow and Tuesday unless we are waiting on shipping info. We haven’t updated out site info because we have been busy and will do so Tuesday night when the remainders ship.

GA Launch :

We will be having a Promo for GA this week so check out our Youtube channel Idmasters.tv for the promo and pictures.


Well I don’t want to be a dick but I did tell you all daily about Circle Jerking these new Vendors so in a way you Deserve it when you get burned. There is tons of Real og Vendors who will not take your money and leave you out to dry. If the rumours of who owns Python are right then he might be gone. I talked with him this week and he told me he was retiring and I could buy his Temp, I turned it down because i already have my own. I sent a message to his people asking how many people are all done and ready to be printed because Since SPB didn’t get back to me about doing his I’m now moving on to doing these Ga if they get back to me on it.

Feel free to post this over at reddit since it seems everything I say ends up there anyway lol. So you have my permission.


Peace out and Fuck Brady.

Feb 2, 2018

All is good with us Ga should be dropping in a few days look out for a promo on that on our YouTube Channel idmasters.tv

We didn’t go no where , the Reddit getting hammered didn’t effect us in anyway. WE have been around 6 years so it wasn’t a big part of our business. That being said Rip reddit/r/fakeid .

Check out are Big Reseller special on our special page http://www.idmasters.ws/?page_id=1772