Perfs and Ovi Sheets and more.

Custom nIL satin 8 up  $30 a sheet + Shipping (10 page Min)
CA Perf Sheets $10 each + shipping ( 10 page min)
Nil Perf sheets $10 each + shipping (10 sheet min)
Custom Matte  OR Ovi  8 up  $30 a sheet + Shipping (10 page Min)
 10 mil Teslin sheets $ 1 each + shipping (100 sheet min)
GA KIN $2 each + Shipping (50 minimum)
Custom GA satin 8 up  $30 a sheet + Shipping (10 page Min) Ovi is light
 Transgen Modules that pass BCS are $30 each and ones that don’t are $25 each. All Generation 2.
Ak- Bcs,Al- Bcs,AR- Bcs, DE- Bcs ,FL- Bcs ,IL-,KY- Bcs,MD- Bcs,ME- Bcs,MS- Bcs,NC- Bcs,NH-, NJ- ,NY- Bcs,OH- Bcs,OK- Bcs,OR- Bcs,PA- Bcs,RI- ,SC- ,TN- Bcs,WI- Bcs,WY- Bcs
 $150-$1000 plus.  ( Templates come with front, back and uv) We have more states then whats pictured in the picture.

We will not reship holograms or pre made cards or any supplies . Once we give you a tracking number and it begins to track we are not responsible afterwards. If you do not like this please do not order from us.