Are you legit?

yes we are, we have been here for over 5 years now. But really that is a dumb question because even a scammer would say yes to it.

Where do you ship from?

North America ,but we do collect our money in different places.

How do you ship?


Do I get a tracking number?

Yes, everyone gets a tracking number when order is shipped.

It says 3 id's for the price of 1?

Yes, all our drivers lic packages are 3 for 1.That means 3 of the same state per person. Always even specials unless its stated otherwise.. 3 copies for pvc states and 2 copies for Teslin states. It tells you by each name what kind it is either Teslin or Pvc.

All Cheap states only get 2 copies.

Do your id's scan, Swipe , blacklight and have Holograms?

yes all our drivers lic do. Not all scanners and scanner software work the same so we can’t guarantee that ours will work everywhere. There are some scanners that no vendor can get theirs to work with.We test ours on the normal m250 that most stores use.

Can I use your ids to do illegal things?

No ,our id’s are for entertainment only and you can get in serious trouble if you use them to break the law. We suggest strongly you don’t. We suggest you look at your state laws as some states do not allow you to even have one for fun. Our ids are not for Identity fraud or buying anything that you are underage for.

How long does it take to get my id's?

Normal is around 14 – 21 business days , Rush is around 7-12 business days.
Business days are Monday to Friday. Shipping cut off is 2 pm everyday.

Keep in mind the days countdown doesn’t begin till money is collected and all info and pics are sent in and are correct.

What are the steps to buying from you?

see how to order.

How do I take a picture?

With a camera,not a phone or webcam. Make it big and clear and any background as long as it doesn’t match your shirt or hair.

How do you want my signature?

thick and dark on a white background. Use a camera or phone to take a picture of it or scan it.

What info is needed for the ids.

Go check out the how to order section.

What is Bitcoins ?

Bitcoins can only be done online and it usually takes a week for you to buy coins from a place.It’s a digital currency.

Why are you not returning my emails after you got paid?

We get tons of emails so we do not answer any emails till your ids are shipped.