1)How do I take a picture?
With a camera,not a phone or webcam. Make sure the background is a seperate color than your hair/clothes.
2)How do you want my signature?
thick and dark on a white background. Use a camera or phone to take a picture of it or scan it.
3)Do the IDs have holograms?
Yes, all IDs have all of the security features including ultraviolet ink, perforations, raised text, and holograms.
4)Can the IDs pass the bend test?
Yes! If the ID is made on Teslin material it will pass the bend test. Otherwise even real PVC IDs have the chance of creasing when bent.
5)What payments do you accept?
We accept bitcoin,paypal and Western Union.
6)How long will my order take?
Roughly 2-3 weeks.
7)How do you ship the IDs?
We have several different methods for shipping, including but not limited to:DHL, FEDEX, USPS, UPS.
DHL:  http://www.cn.dhl.com
USPS: http://17track.net/      Choose  carrier:EMS