How to order


We can’t get emails from ( Comcast, verizon, aol, aim or roadrunner )


First Pick what you want to order .

Pick how you want to make payment: Bitcoins , Cash or Western union.
– If you pick Bitcoins then make sure you already have coins,
if you
do not go buy some as it takes a few days to get them from places like , coinbase etc.
– If you pick CASH as payment ask us where to send. If you want to make payment with Western union ask us for the details.


Once collected we begin to work on it.


Put all your pictures, signatures and info for ids in a zipped or rar file and email it to us.

Make sure you pick a state we sell or you will get our default one.
Things needed for id info:
Name, Address, Dob, Height, Weight, Hair, Eyes.

We do not use a form as sites with forms usually get hacked.


Once shipped you will get a tracking number, keep in mind there
will be no updates till it is shipped. and it takes a few days to show
up on tracking websites.
Make sure Pictures and signatures are good we will not remake them if
they are not good. Big and clear and light make the best pictures.
Please do not use these id’s for anything illegal.